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Grades, 1st Semester AY 2009-2010

October 30, 2009 2 comments
  • Biology 1 – 1.50
  • CS 131 – 1.25
  • CS 133 – 1.00
  • CS 180 – 1.25
  • CS 198 – 1.00

GWA: 1.2000

This is the second highest GWA I have acquired so far, despite the heavy training for the just-finished ICPC! XD Is it party time?

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Second semester, 08-09 1st run CRS result

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment


  • EEE 9 WFLW: WF 4-5PM lec, W 8:30-11:30AM lab
  • CS 130 WFW: WF 1-2:30PM lec
  • CS 145 THVW: T 12:30-2:30PM lec, Th 11:30-2:30PM lab
  • CS 165 HTXY: T 2:30-5:30PM lab, Th 3:30-5:30PM lec
  • CS 192 GWFZ: W 6-8PM lec, F 6-9PM lab

I am hoping to replace CS 192 GWFZ and CS 130 WFW with CS 192 WFWX and CS 130 WFV, respectively.

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First Semester AY 2008-2009 Schedule

June 5, 2008 4 comments

June 5 Update. This is final.

This is preliminary. Subject to change.

Clickie for biggie.



  • CS 135: Philip Zuniga
  • CS 140: Mario Carreon
  • CS 150: Eric Tambasacan
  • CS 175: Eric Tambasacan
  • EEE 8: Franz De Leon / Percival Magpantay
  • GE 1: To be announced
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UP Diliman Academic Calendar for 2008-2009 Now Online

May 23, 2008 Leave a comment

The 2008-2009 Academic Calendar of UP Diliman has been published. It notes important dates students and faculty should be aware of.

Let me take note some important dates for the first semester:

  • General Registration: June 2 (freshmen), June 3-6 (other students)
  • Start of Classes: June 10
  • Mid-semester: August 7
  • Final Examination Week: October 13-21 (non-graduating)
  • End of Classes: October 8
  • Deadline of filing for UPCAT: June 18 (Metro Manila schools), June 25 (Non-Metro Manila schools)*
  • UPCAT 2009: August 2 and 3

* from the UPCAT Web site. This conflicts with the date in the academic calendar, but I think the UPCAT Web site is more authoritative in this case, so I’m assuming this is the correct date.

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CRS Announcement inconsistent

May 12, 2008 2 comments

As JM Tuazon pointed out, there is a one (and important) inconsistency in the start time of the first preenlistment run from the same announcement.

Allow me to highlight that:


This should be fixed, as it may cause confusion, especially those who can’t wait to preenlist, and those who are just paying. Well, they could just preenlist at 6 PM, but, still it is a confusion. 🙂

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AY 2008-2009 First Semester Registration Schedule

May 10, 2008 2 comments

Via Aica’s Multiply: Updated on May 10, 2008 incorporate changes from the official announcement.

Preenlistment Schedule

  • 1st Run
    May 12, 5pm (or 6pm) – May 16, 5pm
    Processing starts: May 16, 5pm
    Results: May 16, 8pm
  • 2nd Run
    May 17-23 May 16, 8pm – May 22, 5pm
    Processing starts May 23 May 22, 5pm
    Results: May 22, 8pm
  • 3rd Run
    May 24-29 May 22, 8pm – May 27, 5pm
    Processing starts May 29 May 27, 5pm
    Results: May 27, 8pm
  • Requests made after May 27, 5pm will be ignored.

Enlistment Schedule

  • June 2: Graduating students, NF Certificate, VAAS, Automatic Admission and New Freshmen unable to register during Advance Registration
  • June 3-6: Realtime Enlistment/E-prerog for regular students
  • June 5-6: Non-regular students (Special, Non-degree, Cross-registrants)

Start of Classes: June 10, 2008

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On UPD College of Engineering Summer Registration, AY 07-08

April 11, 2008 7 comments

Disclaimer: I wasn’t there myself. This post is merely a reflection of what I’ve read and heard from my contacts.

"Enrolling for summer classes sucked. Stupid form 5s." – Leslie Ng

That’s what Leslie said when I asked for a comment regarding the summer registration process of the College of Engineering. Looking over at blog entries created by some of my contacts, I conclude that this sentiment is common among the summer enrollees.

What went wrong? According to Jamie Polloso:

Hi-nold lang naman nila lahat ng Form 5 sa [Engineering Admistration Office], so you have to wait for hundreds (even thousands) of Form 5as na chinecheck nila bawa’t isa yung eligibilty. parang,  ‘whaaaattt?’ if they’re going to do that, sana man lang madami silang tao (at computer), or at least some kind of public address system para hindi nagkandaloko2 yung mga tao kung anong no. na ba.,diba?

Translation: They held-up our Form 5’s at the Engineering Administration Office (Admin), so you have to wait for hundreds (even thousands) of Form 5a’s that the people at the Admin check for eligibility. Like, "what?" If they’re going to do that, they should have deployed enough personnel (and computers), or at least some kind of public address system so people would not be confused on what number is being called, right?

To provide a view of how much of a hassle this system became, let me share this text message I received from Richie: "Ang bago kong Admin number: 1,722. Anong number pa lang? 700 something." (My new Admin number: 1,722. And what number is being called? 700 something.) Jamie wrote that she had to wait 7 hours for her Form 5.

My reaction would be like: Why didn’t they hand the Form 5a’s to the respective departments, so the "load" may be distributed, and only ineligible students are to come to the Admin for their 5a? If I’m not mistaken, this is what they do during registration on a regular semester.

The process is "un-engineer-like" — not being able to foresee this "disaster." This is almost like last year’s summer registration — when the UP Diliman implemented complete computerization of the enlistment/registration process.

I’m hoping to get a guest blogger over to post his/her first-hand experience during the summer registration.

Want to share your experience? Post them in the comments section.