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AY 2008-2009 First Semester Registration Schedule

Via Aica’s Multiply: Updated on May 10, 2008 incorporate changes from the official announcement.

Preenlistment Schedule

  • 1st Run
    May 12, 5pm (or 6pm) – May 16, 5pm
    Processing starts: May 16, 5pm
    Results: May 16, 8pm
  • 2nd Run
    May 17-23 May 16, 8pm – May 22, 5pm
    Processing starts May 23 May 22, 5pm
    Results: May 22, 8pm
  • 3rd Run
    May 24-29 May 22, 8pm – May 27, 5pm
    Processing starts May 29 May 27, 5pm
    Results: May 27, 8pm
  • Requests made after May 27, 5pm will be ignored.

Enlistment Schedule

  • June 2: Graduating students, NF Certificate, VAAS, Automatic Admission and New Freshmen unable to register during Advance Registration
  • June 3-6: Realtime Enlistment/E-prerog for regular students
  • June 5-6: Non-regular students (Special, Non-degree, Cross-registrants)

Start of Classes: June 10, 2008

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  1. April 29, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    Thanks for the info, JJ. Is it just me or is the first of classes really early?

  2. April 29, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    @Gian Paolo: Yes, I think the start of classes are early, too. I think it’s because we’ll be celebrating Independence Day early — June 9. I hope we get a longer sembreak out of this. Hehehe.

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