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Reflection on the Batangas Field Trip

This appeared on my class report for Archaeology 2.

The story started one Sunday morning, while waiting for the bus and all our teammates to arrive. We were already taking pictures of each other even before we left for Batangas. I never imagined what we were going to do when we get there.

The trip lasted for at least 3 hours. I was half-asleep then, but I think we made a backtrack somewhere in Cuenca (?). We took another route instead which travelled took me as near as 7 kilometers from my home, in Batangas City. Then went past Sta. Rita, then San Pascual, then Bauan and finally, Sta. Teresita.

We rested for almost an hour, I think, then we set off to what became my personal nightmare. We hiked all the way to Sta. Teresita’s Taal Lake coast to visit a church ruin were the town of Bauan used to stand, enduring the 70-degree slopes and slippery terrain (darn those leaves). Despite that, it was worth it, I thought, given that I was seeing something for the first time. We ate our lunch there before *hiking* all the way back again, using a shortcut we didn’t even take when getting there.

Heavily perspiring, we once again rode on the bus to visit the next church ruin at the town of San Nicolas. Fortunately, we didn’t need to hike all the way to this church ruin, as it was already by the side of the highway. Also, it had been thoroughly cleaned already, so the ruins are much much more visible than the one in Sta. Teresita.

After San Nicolas, we visited our last stop – Taal, Batangas. We visited two standing churches; the Basilica of Saint Martin de Tours and the church of Our Lady of Caysasay, before finally setting home, back to UP.

All-in-all, that was a marvelous experience for me. I became closer with my classmates in the process. All the hardwork I did during the trip was definitely worth it.

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  1. mazzini
    March 10, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    I’ve been to batangas before and i can say that the best tourist spots are in Santo Tomas

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