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I’m finally enrolled! It was an adventure, literally.

  1. Went to the gym to cancel Bridge.
  2. Went to the CS Building to have Ma’am Chris sign my Form 5A and to request for post-advising. Met Aica there.
  3. (Still in the CS Building) Went on to validate my slots. I waited for several minutes.
  4. Bought Data Structures by Evangel P. Quiwa. Ate Mila owes me P125.00.
  5. Went downstairs, to the EnggLib 2, for my library clearance.
  6. Went to Melchor Hall, to get my Certification of Grades (COG). Met Mark here.
  7. Went to DLRC at Kamia Residence Hall, to submit my COG.
  8. Went to the registrar’s office to have my special assessment.
  9. Went to Palma Hall (AS) to pay my tuition and miscellaneous fees. It took me almost 30 minutes.
  10. Went to CASAA to have my Form 5 photocopied.
  11. Went back to DLRC to submit a copy of my Form 5.
  12. Rode the jeepney back to my dormitory to pay my dues. I didn’t make it in time (the cashier’s office was already closed).

I was accompanied by Aica (Mark came along later) during the “adventure.”

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  1. aica
    November 15, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    hmmm? kung magkwento ka parang wala kang kasama ah..

    Nang – away ba?hahaha

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