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This is an outrage!

Telecom giant GLOBE Telecom announced recently a 100%-150% rate increase in their unlimited text service (Unlimitxt, now Unlitxt). The new rates are PhP20/1day, PhP40/2days, PhP80/4days from the old PhP15/1day, PhP25/2days and PhP50/5days. As response to the consumer outrage over the new rates, the National Telecommunications Commission ordered GLOBE to rollback to the old rates, but the company defied it, stating “it [was] invalid.”

Consumer group TXTPower launched a campaign to boycott all GLOBE Telecom’s services on February 7th. From their blog:

TXTPower’s call for a boycott asks subscribers incensed by Globe’s intransigence to choose any or all of the following:

  • Avoid SMS and Calls through the Globe network. Find other ways to communicate.
  • Postpone automatic and card reloads
  • Postpone GCash transactions
  • Postpone line applications
  • Refrain from getting icon/music/visual downloads from Globe
  • Refrain from using Globe’s GPRS and 3G services

TXTPower said the boycott will be lifted once Globe obeys the NTC order and rolls back the price of unlimited texting service.

As a GLOBE subscriber myself, I am disgusted by these hike rates. GLOBE is worse than $MART, now, more than ever. Let us just hope that GLOBE will realize this terrible mistake before it’s too late (when I finally switch networks).

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