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Marikina Riverbanks walk

Last October 6, we had a walk to Marikina Riverbanks. Everybody who was not exempted (those who didn’t complete twelve bonus walks) and some already exempted (and still wanted to join) were there. People from Coach Noel’s Aquatics class joined us for the walk. But before we left, some of my classmates and I had some snacks before we walk (it was a long we were going to do anyway). Loujaye spilled some of the water I bought! Peace, Loujaye!

We started the walk at around 4PM. It was pretty easy at first for me, because of all that “training” we did the entire semester. We passed through Balara, which is a slum community, but people were nice enough to let us through.  After that, we entered Grand Villas Subdivision, where we saw these expensive houses, some simple and modern in design, while some were very intricate, almost European in look and feel. We had our first stop there and resumed right away after the roll call. Next, we went through this steep winding road (I thought I was going to fall down), before heading to Tumana Bridge and to another slum community. We crossed the bridge heading towards the Animal Trail (after another roll call). I thought “Animal Trail” was some sort of a zoo, but I was totally wrong. Instead, it was just a trail with some mutated replicas of animals, a fake cameraman from FPJ Productions and a mamang sorbetero. We ended the walk near Riverbanks Center, did the final roll call before finally going on our separate ways.

I think everybody will agree when I say it was a tiring walk. And I definitely think everybody will agree when I say it was a very fun walk. Well, indeed it was, and it was one of the most memorable experiences I now have in UP as a freshie student.

We built our muscles, but we also built our friendships with one another. Walking together is, I think, the best way to built great friendships among one another.

I will miss this class so much. Sana pwedeng mag-walking ulit.

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  1. Ron
    October 18, 2006 at 6:13 am

    Pwedeng magPE ulit ng same? Pwede… di lang credited sa 4 na required… pero masaya rin…
    Si Coach Noel rin yung sa Duckpin Bowling ko at Tenpin Bowling ko…

    Itry mo yung dalawang iyon…sobrang saya…(mas magandang unahin yung Duckpin…Tenpin kasi mabigat yung bola pa at yun talaga yung nakikitang bowling sa mga malls…)

  2. March 6, 2007 at 10:19 am

    hello there, 2 yrs. nakong ndi nkkauwi sa pinas,hmmmnn…… mis ko narin ang marikina na knalakihn q! maraming pnagbago,(maganda) pero kakalungkot lang marami paring naghhrap,wlang mkain dhil sa kawalan ng trabaho, sna pag-ukulan ng higit ang pangkabuhayan ng mga makikenio! wag lng pagpapaganda ng kapaligiran!!! para nman healthy and wealthy both!!! kapaligiran at mga mamamayan!!!! peace…. Godbless!!!!

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