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La Mesa Ecopark Exploration Walk

Last Saturday, my walking class had an exploration walk to La Mesa Ecopark at Fairview. Coach Noel divided the class into various groups, consisting of five, six, or seven members each. I became part of group Chorvaness (I still think this is a silly name for a group, but I’ve heard sillier names), with Inez being our group leader. We left Vanguard flagpole at around 7:30AM, after waiting for our groupmate, Vern, who failed to show up (pity).

We took a jeepney to Fairview, with the ride lasting around ten to fifteen minutes, give or take a couple. The ride was fast; we blazed through Commonwealth Avenue like wildfire.

After going down the jeepney, we took a fifteen-minute walk to the ecopark itself.
Seeing the ecopark, I thought, “Wow, I never thought a place like this would exist in the middle of Metro Manila.” Dense flora, and a dash of fauna here and there, littered the ecopark. There were recreational activities available, like boating, fishing, biking and swimming. There is also a lot of opportunity for some picture taking with my groupmates.

While walking around with my group, I noticed the overall cleanliness of the park. The park staff (and the visitors) really took effort in maintaining the cleanliness of this “sanctuary.” Then I saw this sign saying that a 500-peso fine will be charged for littering. Now I see why there is no trash around the place.

Our group kept with the Leave no trace principle introduced to us at the recently held ACLE class we attended as recommended by Coach Noel. We did our best to leave the least, if not no, impact at the places we went through. I think this principle is important if we want nature preserved as it is, or maybe even improve it.

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