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Visiting BSU and BSUIS

July 23. I was having a conversation with a friend on Yahoo! Messenger. I mentioned that if there would be no classes the following day, I would come visit them at BSU. Well, what do you know? It’s a miracle! It was announced that there would be no classes the next day. Hearing that, I immediately called my Diliman-mates. Oh, they were already in Manila. Too bad. So I called my friend studying at DLSU. Finally, someone who wasn’t in Manila yet. Knowing that, I told her that we should come visit BSU the next day. She agreed. Joy.

July 24. At around 9AM, I arrived at the Main Campus. Shan Chai was the guard of the day. Thankfully, she remembered me and let me in the campus without having to show her any identification… After a couple of minutes walking, I arrived at the gymnasium. They were having a program celebrating the new BSU President, Dr. Nora Magnaye.

Before I thought of entering the gym, I came across some of my high school instructors. After a short kamustahan moment, some of my friends texted me, telling me to enter the gym to meet up with them, and I did. There they were, by the third fan on the right side. However, I had no way of going up the crowdy bleachers because people were sitting on the stairs. So, one friend came down and fetched me. On the bleachers we chatted with each other, kamustahan and all – at the same time Dr. Magnaye was giving a Thank You speech. Are we respectful or what?

Well, after that lengthy program, we thought of eating some lunch. On the way to the new canteen by SBE, I came across two friends who were eating at the store next to TJ’s. You guessed it, another kamustahan moment.

So, after we ate our lunch (mine was chicken tempura with rice), we returned to the BSUIS area. Friends from III – Earth were there. I don’t know why, but they seemed to be very excited when they saw us. Picture taking — say cheese! Oh, and that girl hit my back with the digital camera! You know who you are.

We went by the faculty room to meet up with some of our instructors. After that, the people I’m with began to say goodbye; one was leaving for Manila that afternoon, the others were going to their respective classes for the afternoon. So I was alone. What should I do? Well, I hang out at the faculty room. One of my teachers was celebrating her daughter’s birthday, so there was some pakain by the front table. I was invited to come and have something to eat, so I ate.

While at the faculty room, I learned that there was going to be a fire and earthquake drill at 2PM. It was already 1:30PM on the wall clock. Joy, finally, some action.

After the fun activity, classes resumed as usual, leaving me with nothing to do again. So I hang out at the faculty room again.

A few hours passed, and it’s 4PM. I invited Ma’am Grace to come with my friends to have some merienda at Chowking. So, she waited for the rest to come. One hour passed, and we were set to go.

We were surprised when Ma’am Grace paid for our merienda. Thank you, Ma’am Grace! You’re the best!

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  1. August 9, 2006 at 5:43 pm

    yun pala yung sinasabi ni Mam Grace na nagdate kayo…

    Syempre wala ako lagi pag nanlilibre ng merienda si Ma’a,m

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