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Peyups Chronicles (Part 1: First day)

Whoa! I missed the Internet already! Hi, I just came home last night after a weeks stay at UP Diliman.

I arrived at Kalayaan Residence Hall Monday noon. At the lobby were Owie, Brenda and Michael. Anyway, I checked in, and got assigned to room B-21 at the basement, which they say is the best floor to be!). My roommate, Jonathan del Rosario, wasn’t there yet. Oh, yeah, I learned that his classmate was Bianca’s cousin! What are the odds of that?

Food at the mess hall wasn’t as bad as I thought it will be. Before I arrived there, I thought we were only going to be eating the very basic of meals (you know, tortang itlog, eggplant, anchovies, tuyo, and the like). Instead, we had chicken, aftritada, hot chocolate, just to name a few. And the rice was not bad as well!

Well, the next day, I attended my first class, NatSci1 (Physics and Chemistry), even though if I know all freshmen were excused from class on the first day. You know what? I was late! What a start! And why? Because I was lost (you know how big the Diliman campus is, right?)! My professor was Jose Magpantay (I would eventually learn that this person is bigtime), and he hates his students being lat, although he’s actually a nice person.

That afternoon, we attended the Freshmen Welcome Assembly at the UP Theater. There, I was assigned my block number (go, G12!). The opening was super! The UP Symphonic Band did a great job performing some of John Williams’ work (John Williams was the composer of the music for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman, Indiana Jones, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Terminal, Jaws, and more). There was also a performance of the award-winning UP Pep Squad. And also, there was the UP Anakbayan group, protesting the planned miscellaneous fee increases.

After the welcome assembly, my blockmates had a meeting. The UP Cursor people were our blockhandlers, and they were very nice people!

Check out Part 2 some other time! 


On the other news:

  • I hate Kas1!
  • I temporarily switched from $MART to Globe, because $MART does not have a signal at my room. Inquire about my number to some Honesty people if you don’t have it yet.
  • I’ll be back at Batangas by July 1st, Brenda’s birthday. She said she’s going to treat the Honesty people to some isaw at Arrieta (you know, our tambayan sa isawan).
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