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A visit to BSU Integrated School and Vera’s place

Today, our class decided to visit our high school home, BSU Integrated School. We met up at the BSU Main Campus at around 9:00am.

We saw our adviser, Ma'am Yeye, and our Math teacher, Ma'am Divine, eating at TJ's. She asked why we're there, and we said we just wanted to have a visit before school starts next week. Ma'am Ade was there, too, and said, "Good luck at college."

Then we went over to see the Integrated School department itself. You see, it was recently moved back to the Main Campus. Teachers were busy moving their stuff over to the new faculty room. It was then that Ma'am Yeye asked us to lift some of the heavy stuff from the bodega. Whoa! The place was really a bodega! The stuff was stored at the building under construction near the gymnasium. There were cockroaches; John Reg looked terrified! 🙂 We carried over a huge cabinet which was more than two meters tall. It took sixor so of us to just lift it off the ground, let alone carry it over to the faculty room, 50 meters away. I really got my white shirt dirty there.

Hey, Ma'am Gaba said she was going to have me do a talk during their Science week celebration, several months from now. She said I can't back out… Whoa… I'm not ready, Ma'am!

We left BSU at around 11:30am, to eat at Chowking, Bay City Mall.


Jing, Rey, Owie, Dax and I went to Chowking to eat some lunch. Ma'am Grace said she was going to catch up with us, but she was late, so we ate before she arrived. Her arrival was almost the same time as the arrival of my other classmates. Seeing that the line at Chowking was awfully long, and Dax wanting to eat at Jollibee, which was nearby, we decided to go there, so the others can eat their lunch as well.

We left the place at around 1:30pm. Vera's pakain starts at two o'clock.


We took the long jeepney ride to Vera's place near Caltex. We arrived there several minutes later. Vera and Bianca were there to welcome us.

Almost after we settled down, some of us started to serve themselves some grub. Seeing us on the serving table, the others catch up. I almost got no cake! I had to use my hands getting the cake because the knife was too clumsy to do the job. Hopefully, nobody saw what I did. 😛

Soon after we ate, others came, like Michael, Richmond, Marivic, Dianne, Aero-joy and Rosa Nica. Marivic's arrival was the funniest, as my friends looked like they had seen an actress.

On the PC were Dax, Michael, Ray Carlo, Owie and Rey. They were hogging the desktop, playing Warcraft III. Oh, my, I wanted to use the PC, too! It took me a while to get them to finally let me and the others use it. Whew!

At around 4:30 in the afternoon, Jing, Rey, Reymark, Marian and I decided to finally go home, maybe because there was nothing more to do. After all, our mission was already accomplished: To eat.


Home sweet home at 5:00pm


Oh… She wasn't able to come with us as well, and I feel responsible for it. You see, last night my friend texted me to tell her the details about today's gimmick, but I couldn't since my load just expired the moment I was about to send the details to her. Why not expire my load later, $MART? Why? 😦

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