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Fiesta at Bilogo

Well, I promised I'd write about this, so here goes.

I met up with the others at Plaza Mabini, at around 11:30am. And as usual, everyone was late, including me because the actual meeting time was 11:00am. Some of my classmates left early because they argued that they'll have to go home early. We waited there until around 1:00pm when it rained suddenly – an instant bath! We were able to ride the jeepney just in time.

When we arrived at Jing's house, the guys who left before us already ate. Man! They didn't even wait for us! But that's fine with me.

It was a feast over there. There were a lot of dishes served at the table, like embutido, salad, refrigerated cake, fish,and many more. There was also karaoke, which everyone loves!

John Reg and I got hooked up with Jing's keyboard. He practiced that piece (what was it called?) over and over again until he got the hang of it. Well, I helped him a little, of course (ehem! :))

After lunch, my classmates sang songs all the way! They almost never finish a song, however. We had some merienda before we left at around 6:30pm.

Well, that was enjoyable, wasn't it? Though I'm still dismayed about the fact that she wasn't able to show because I think she had to take care of someone. Well, next time, maybe? Yes, there's always next time.

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